Description of our contractor


Established in 2005.

Li Tan Construction Corporation is a privately owned New York based company founded in 2005. Li Tan Corporation is driven by a team of highly skilled project managers, architects, and interior designers all dedicated to supporting the company’s core values: client commitment, strategic analysis, and collaborative design process. Whatever the size of the project, our objective is to bring life to a vision by working closely with client and community.

Anthony J. Lee, leading Architect of the company.  Anthony worked at NYC Buildings Department for 20 years prior to establishing the company in 2010.  Ray Chan, leading project director who had worked with various architectural firms specializing in Hospitality, Commercial and Residential Buildings.  Ray joined the company in 2011 to focus on community-based projects.


力天建筑公司成立于2005年。力天建筑公司是一家成立于2005年的纽约私人建築公司。力天建築是由一群专业承包资质的企业,有工程项目经理,建筑师和室内设计师來组成的,他们致力于支持公司的核心价值:客户体验 ,战略分析和协作设计过程。 无论项目大小如何,我们的目标都是与客户和社区紧密合作,将期待希望想像变为现实。